A Modern Dream of Paradise

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I think many of us have found ourselves at a time in life when you stop, look in the mirror, and don’t recognize yourself in the reflection you see through it.

Could you have made different decisions? I’m sure you could have.
Should you have had more discernment? No doubt about it.

Many “ifs” and many “but” crowded your mind, greying the sun and weighing down your steps.

At least until you lean out from a terrace and watch the city lights in the distance.

And take a deep breath for the first time, in a long time

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The truth is that no one, especially now, can know for sure what the future holds for them.
I myself have lived with illusions for a long time.
I thought I had achieved every goal desirable by a human being.
I had a family, a home, a good job.
Too bad that sometimes, by dint of closing your eyes to what doesn’t work instead of facing problems and solving them, you end up with nothing but sand between your fingers. …

BSN x IRISnet AMA — Nov 24th 2020

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🌈 IRISnet Community,

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to the transcription of the AMA that took place on the IRIS network telegram channel at 8am UTC on November 24th.

On this occasion, we had the honor to host a renowned expert from the blockchain industry:
Mr. Henry Ma, BSN’s Chief Architect & CTO of Red Date Technology.

Mr. Ma has 10+ years of experience in software development and product design.
He is the Chief Architect of BSN and a hands-on engineer in delivering all BSN products, including public BSN, private BSN and BSN empowerment platform.
He supervises all technical work related to integration of permissionless/permissioned chains, open permissioned blockchain initiative, and interchain services in BSN. …

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Starname is a NameService that makes it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency and access special websites by simple names rather than by long, complex strings of letters and numbers.
A Starname is your universal username for the blockchain world and represents one of the last steps required to finally reach the much-awaited blockchain “mass adoption”.

💻 Access to Starname’s Dashboard with Keplr

  1. Login to Keplr Extension and select [Starname] from the networks drop-down menu. Here you can view your account details and manage your $IOV as explained in the section [Get started with Keplr Browser Extension] of this tutorial.

*We will use $ATOM as an example, but the process is applicable for all integrated tokens as

⭐️ Cosmos ($ATOM)
Kava ($KAVA)
Secret Network ($SCRT — $sSCRT)
Cyber Euler-6 ($EUL)
Straightedge ($STR)
Akash Network ($AKT)
Starname ($IOV)

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👤 How to create a new Account

  1. Go to this link and click the [Add] button
  2. [Add “Keplr”] window will show off. Here you have to choose [Add Extension]
  3. At the end of the download, you can start to interact with your browser extension by clicking on it.
  4. A new tab will now open, and here you have to choose the option [Sign in with…

SecretSCRT ($sSCRT) is a privacy-preserving, fungible Secret Token that is backed by $SCRT, the native currency of Secret Network.
$sSCRT is the first implementation of the SNIP-20 standard.
Read more in the Blogpost or scroll down to the tutorial!

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🔑 Create the Viewing Key

  1. Access your $SCRT account on Keplr Wallet Extension.
  2. Click on the three lines at the top left to display the menu.
  3. Select [Add Token] from the menu selection.
  4. Paste the following contract into the section called [Contract Address]:
  5. After a few moments of waiting you will see the other fields fill in automatically, except [Viewing Key].
  6. Select [Create].
  7. Now you have to choose the fees. A small note: the transaction will not be successful if you choose a too low amount, so I recommend setting [High]. …

the Story so Far & Updates from the Chainapsis Team

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One of the main obstacles that separate the blockchain from a real mass adoption has always been the medium-high level of technical knowledge necessary to fully understand the actions that are accomplished on-chain. Much progress has been made over the past few years, in pursuit of bringing more and more people closer to this world and thus making this new technology an inclusive commodity accessible to the whole of us.

Although this goal has not yet been fully achieved, thanks to Chainapsis’ team today we can proudly say that we have made a huge step in this direction.

Introduction to Keplr Wallet

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Keplr Extension is the first browser extension wallet available in the Cosmos Ecosystem.
It is also open-source and supports the CosmosJS signing library created by Chainapsis’ Co-Founder Tony Yun, a two-time HackAtom winner and author of Interchain Standards 27.
The other Founder, Josh Lee is a well-recognized member of the Cosmos community, mostly known as dogemos.
In addition to taking care of Chainapsis, he works at Tendermint. …

2020.10 — Community & Technical Recap

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Dear Community,

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived:
IRITA Hub has been successfully integrated to the BSN Interchain Communications Hub
as the first step towards an Interchain Future and Bifrost has entered Phase-1 unlocking new functionalities & rewards for those who participate in the incentivized testnet.

Seen from the outside, though the incredible achievements, it doesn’t seem that things have changed much in the IRISnet ecosystem, don’t you think?
No acclaims, pompous announcements, overwhelming marketing campaigns: just the good old hard work that is done day after day by Core team, Bianjie.

Maybe this is their secret: keeping the eyes fixed on the horizon and living the end of each challenge as an exciting new beginning.
For those who work with passion there will always be another line of code to fix, another implementation to finish …
Perfection does not exist, but with dedication nothing is impossible.

2020.09 — Community & Technical Recap

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Dear Community,

Welcome to our Monthly Update!
September has passed with the same sense of expectation that usually grabs me when I wait for Christmas Day (which, if you’re wondering, is by far my favorite):
Time seems to crystallize and the fateful day never seems to come.
This is a little bit the same for the IRISnet community right now: there are some incredible things in store for us next month, so big that sometimes we can’t really realize their impact. …

2020.08 — Community & Technical Recap

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Hi Community,
Welcome back to IRISnetwork monthly recap!

Another incredible month is behind us:
among the many details revealed about the collaboration with BSN (mark 31st October!), the new possibility to develop a dAPP through the Public Chain Node Service, and the launch of Cosmos’s Stargate-1(where IRISnet is one of the first 4 validators) we never had a break!
I’m really happy to see so many new people in our community, and I would like to thank them for bringing enthusiasm and new opportunities for dialogue inside our social channels. …

Interchain Foundation Inaugural Technical Advisory Board

Traduzione tratta dall’articolo originale “Inaugural Technical Advisory Board scritto da Interchain Foundation.

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Il mese di luglio ha scandito la fine della prima fase del rinnovato programma di finanziamento della Interchain Foundation.
Questo include aggiornamenti nella sua infrastruttura, una cadenza ora trimestrale e un’ulteriore supervisione nel processo di selezione dei progetti che richiedono accesso ai grant da parte di un gruppo di “esperti esterni”, il Technical Advisory Board (TAB).
I risultati sono stati fonte di ispirazione e hanno prodotto un gruppo di progetti ed iniziative ben curate che hanno contribuito in modo efficace alla concretizzazione della visione dell’ICF.


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