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A Modern Dream of Paradise

I think many of us have found ourselves at a time in life when you stop, look in the mirror, and don’t recognize yourself in the reflection you see through it.

Could you have made different decisions? I’m sure you could have.
Should you have had more discernment? …

The era of cross-chain DeFi is here. Experience its power with this informative guide to get you started.

Emeris Beta has been launched!
Before you dive into the tutorial, if you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read the overview of Emeris Beta written by Gautier MARIN, Director of Product, [Emeris Beta is Live: How to Get Started].

Swap, Provide & Mine Liquidity: start experimenting now with Regen Network & the record-breaker Cosmos’ AMM

🌱 Regen Network Community,
Welcome to Osmosis, the AMM Laboratory!

Today we’re going to delve into Osmosis DEX to find out how to easily manage all the operations that REGEN holders can now experience:

  • Deposit
  • Swap
  • Provide Liquidity
  • Liquidity Mining

If you need assistance, remember to always use the official…

r/cosmosnetwork AMA with Shahan Khatchadourian — Cosmos Hub Lead

Upcoming r/cosmosnetwork AMAs

🌱 BitCanna — Jan Scheele
June 10th, 7AM PDT

💻 AgoricDean Tribble
June 11th,1PM PDT

💎 Persistence — Tushar Aggarwal & Abhitej Singh
June 14th, 8AM PDT

🧪 OsmosisSunny Aggarwal
June 15th, 8AM PDT


Here we are with the transcript of the Cosmos Community AMA…

Learn how to claim your well-deserved Competition Rewards.

👩🏻‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀 Welcome Cosmonauts!

In this tutorial, we will see together all the steps to successfully claim the prize for your participation in the Gravity DeX Trading Competition.
In addition to $ATOM, sponsors’ tokens will also be distributed as competition rewards, namely:
$LUNA (Terra)
$REGEN (Regen Network)
$BTSG (BitSong)
$DVPN (Sentinel)

[Governance Efficiency] — Proposer stakefish

Today, April 26, 2021, IRISnet validator stakefish submitted on-chain a governance proposal — [Proposal #4 Governance Efficiency ]— that aims to significantly improve several parameters of the blockchain itself and the overall experience and effectiveness of participating users and validators in governance.

The proposal counts three major points:

  • Reduce quorum…

2021.03 — Community & Technical Recap

🌈 IRISgardians,

March was really a blast!
Being able to personally experience what it’s like to make an
IBC Transfer to/from the IRIS Hub still seems pure magic to me. …

Transcription of the AMA with Jeffrey Hu, Director of Research at IRISnet

🌈 IRISgardians,

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to the transcription of the AMA that took place on the Cosmos sub-Reddit at 9:30 am CST on April 1st.

On this occasion, we had the honor to host a renowned expert from the blockchain industry: Mr.

Experience the Interchain Magic with Keplr

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

IBC Transfers or Fungible Token Transfer (ICS-20) are based on a standard (ICS) under active and rapid development.
I recommend that users approach this Keplr feature only after careful research and awareness of the risks associated with its improper use.
Please note that Chainapsis discourages users from sending mainnet tokens to…


Leaving paw-prints all around 🐾

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