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A Modern Dream of Paradise

I think many of us have found ourselves at a time in life when you stop, look in the mirror, and don’t recognize yourself in the reflection you see through it.

Could you have made different decisions? I’m sure you could have.
Should you have had more discernment? No doubt about it.

Many “ifs” and many “but” crowded your mind, greying the sun and weighing down your steps.

At least until you lean out from a terrace and watch the city lights in the distance.

[Governance Efficiency] — Proposer stakefish

Today, April 26, 2021, IRISnet validator stakefish submitted on-chain a governance proposal — [Proposal #4 Governance Efficiency ]— that aims to significantly improve several parameters of the blockchain itself and the overall experience and effectiveness of participating users and validators in governance.

The proposal counts three major points:

  • Reduce quorum to 40% from 50%
    According to stakefish, this will ensure that the chain maintains a certain fluidity in the governance process, which is necessary to ensure an appropriate level of participation and readiness to promptly push any improvements proposed by the Core Team and the Community.
  • Extend the voting period…

2021.03 — Community & Technical Recap

🌈 IRISgardians,

March was really a blast!
Being able to personally experience what it’s like to make an
IBC Transfer to/from the IRIS Hub still seems pure magic to me.
And while most crypto communities still haven’t realized the potential of IRIS Hub, the team just keeps achieving one thing after another, deploying new features, organizing events, establishing partnerships — seriously, IRISnet Core team never stops.

But now what you all have been waiting for: Coinswap.
The very first Cosmos Network Interchain & permissionless dEx will arrive in a few days and will allow everyone to experience first-hand what it really…

Transcription of the AMA with Jeffrey Hu, Director of Research at IRISnet

🌈 IRISgardians,

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to the transcription of the AMA that took place on the Cosmos sub-Reddit at 9:30 am CST on April 1st.

On this occasion, we had the honor to host a renowned expert from the blockchain industry: Mr. Zhiwei Hu, IRISnet Director of Research.

Mr. Hu is the Research Director of IRISnet and heads the strategy and technology research as well as ecosystem development.

He was the former chief technical analyst at Huobi Research and has extensive experience in the blockchain industry & published many in-depth Blockchain research reports which…

Experience the Interchain Magic with Keplr

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

IBC Transfers or Fungible Token Transfer (ICS-20) are based on a standard (ICS) under active and rapid development.
We recommend that users approach this Keplr’s feature only after careful research and awareness of the risks associated with its improper use.
Please note that Chainapsis discourages users from sending mainnet tokens such as $ATOM, $IRIS and $AKT to zones other than the Cosmos Hub, IRIS Hub and Akash Hub and does not take any liability related to the potential loss of funds due to the IBC Transfers service.

Mainnet Supported

🐇 Cosmos Hub | $ATOM
Destination Chain: cosmos
Channel ID: channel-0
🐇 IRIS Hub

Best Meme, Most Educative Tweet Thread & Keplr Special Award

Dear Community,

What an incredible competition has been!

We couldn’t be prouder of the commitment and passion showed by the +120 participants, truly in line with what Keplr’s Anniversary means to us.

And if that last one isn’t clear, please take a couple of minutes to go over the history of Keplr and what’s coming up next via the tweet thread by Josh Lee, Chainapsis CEO & Co-Founder.

The Chainapsis team has been incredibly impressed by the talent shown by our community, so much that we’re already working on new initiatives with their collaboration.

We look forward to organizing…

2021.02— Community & Technical Recap

we did it!
An incredible new Interchain Era has begun!
Brace yourself because the Future is Here!

Do you want play with apps built on the IRIS Hub?
Do you want see concrete deployments and use-cases?

👾 Uptick NFT app by Uptick Network is here!
Try in exclusive the first NFT app in the Cosmos Network!

💱 Coinswap Web App will be launched around the end of March:
This means IRISnet will have the first active AMM in a IBC integrated chain!

When others talk, IRISnet ships 🚢

⭐ Technical Updates ⭐


  1. Released IOBScan single-chain explorer

• Released the updated IRIS Hub explorer:
• Released the updated Cosmos Hub explorer:

2. Released the homepage v0.1 …

Celebrate with us and get a chance to win from a $1400 Prize Pool!

The Chainapsis team is pleased to present you Keplr’s First Birthday Celebration Event!

This first year has been truly incredible, and we are extremely thankful to the community of users who have been an integral part of our growth. We know Chainapsis and Keplr couldn’t be where we are now without the consistent user feedback, suggestions, and bug reports that made Keplr wallet better than ever.

That’s why we decided to announce two mini-competitions dedicated to celebrating the community that made Keplr what it is today:

2021.01 — Community & Technical Recap


Finally, our community has a name!
What better time than now, with an incentivized testnet underway and the ultimate mainnet upgrade coming at the end of the month?

IRISnet is a living, breathing project with a lot of people gravitating towards it: now this project needs us!

The IRIS Foundation has started a program to support us on our way to share our knowledge about the project, don’t forget to scroll down and send us your application!

Let’s dive into the January Recap now, and what a recap!
A good beginning makes a good ending, this is undoubtedly turning out…

e-Money is an electronic payment system and store of value operating in the financial services industry.
The company vision is to create a level playing field, providing equal access to transparent financial services, on a global scale, while greatly reducing cost.
e-Money is not designed to act as a wholesale replacement for the existing financial system, but can instead be thought of as the layer two solution for traditional finance.

🔗 How to Link your Keplr Account to e-money Wallet Dashboard

  1. Go to
  2. [Chain Add Request] window will show off.
    Here you have to choose [Approve]
  3. Now you have to authorize the connection between Kepler and e-money:
    In the [Requesting Connection]…


🐾 Leaving paw-prints all around 🐾

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