IRIS Hub Proposal #4

[Governance Efficiency] — Proposer stakefish

  • Reduce quorum to 40% from 50%
    According to stakefish, this will ensure that the chain maintains a certain fluidity in the governance process, which is necessary to ensure an appropriate level of participation and readiness to promptly push any improvements proposed by the Core Team and the Community.
  • Extend the voting period to 10 days from 5 days
    Because most validators are actively engaged in multiple projects, this makes it impossible for teams to view a governance proposal in detail and with the attention needed. It is therefore proposed by stakefish to increase the voting period to 10 days, which is considered a reasonable time frame to allow validators to participate in an informed and conscious way.
  • Increase the validator set to 115 from 100
    IRISnet is one of the blockchains with the highest level of participation in the entire Cosmos ecosystem, and this can be easily seen by the waiting list of validators aiming to join the active set (already composed by 100 operators). By proposing to increase the active set of the IRIS Hub, stakefish emphasizes once again the importance of supporting a gradual but steady decentralization and giving the opportunity to new validators to confront and grow together with an incredible active set composed by some of the legends of the Cosmos Network.



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